by | Nov 29, 2016

Why Hire A Premium Vancouver Roofing Company?

This project is not your everyday roof. Most Vancouver roofing companies would shy away from something this difficult or take on the job without the expertise.

  • The slope is extremely steep
  • There are many sections and the roof is cut up
  • Luxury shingles are installed (CertainTeed Landmark TL – 25% heavier than the standard shingle)
  • Two applications are required; torch-on and asphalt shingles

When dealing with a steep roof and many cut-up sections proper preparation and care is required. Jacks and planks must be set up every 4-6 feet as the installers work their way up the roof. Wearing the proper safety equipment and being tied off to a secure anchor point is critical to ensure the safety of the workers. The time must be taken to ensure each transition and metal flashing is done correctly. Some may try to rush through a small section take longer.

Applying shingles correctly on a steep slope requires a level of attention and skill which may take 15-20+ years to master. The shingles must be held at all times to ensure they do not slide down and create a crooked or angled roof line. The nails must be fastened between a 1.5-inch section or less or else the shingle should be replaced. Too high and the nails are only fastened to one layer of shingle instead of two. Too low and the nails may be exposed which will lead to corrosion and leaking down the road. On an angle and the nails may not be fully fastened to the decking. If the air pressure is set too high on the nailing gun, the nails could puncture completely through the shingles. If the pressure is too low, the nails may not fully penetrate the decking and damage the shingle applied over top. And I could go on, but I’ll keep this short. The point is carelessness and inexperience can cause future problems. It is key to have a trusted, reputable company take care of your roof so you don’t have to.

There are few roofers that are experts in a torch-on application and shingle application. Many crews specialize in one area. Be sure to check credentials in both forms and ensure the company you are working with has a minimum 2-million dollar liability to cover fire damage.

The CertainTeed Landmark TL (triple laminate) shingle is a luxury item. It’s 25% thicker than the standard shingle and has three layers instead of two. The thickness increases the life while the triple layer provides a high profile look similar to cedar shakes. However, the price premium of 20-35% on the total job cost is what scares people away. When cutting through these shingle it takes more cuts and more time. When fastening these shingles on a steep slope, you must pay close attention so they do not drop. The tired, burnt out installer will lose focus and the attention to detail will suffer.

Want to avoid any leaks? Want to rest easy because you know you have a correctly installed roof? Don’t want to replace damaged drywall, plywood, and insulation? Then pay the premium for the company you KNOW will complete the job accurately and keep your life simple.

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