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What Causes a Cedar Roof to Warp?

Cedar is among the top options when you’re considering protecting the roof of your home. But it is flawed; the wood tends to warp with age (around five years) if not maintained well. How do you know when cedar roof is having trouble? Check for unevenness in the profile, colorlessness, and growth of moss.

Reasons behind warping The declining preservative

The first reason has something to with the preservatives in the cedar shake. The chemical begins wearing away approximately five years in service. From that moment onwards, the roof entirely exposed to the insults of nature. The mix of these events sets in the process of warping and eventual rot.

Effect of UV Rays

The exact way UV radiations harm your skin, they can do the same on your home’s roof. Sadly, you don’t have sunscreens for the roof. Not even the clouds can protect it. Constant exposure to UV rays strips the preservative eventually causing the cedar to warp.

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Too much moisture filtration

The susceptibility of the roof to moisture absorption during highly humid days increases drastically as the preservative wears off. Other forms of roof damage such as strong winds and falling debris can further escalate rotting and warping.

Moss, mold, and mildew

With sustained moisture filtration, the growth of fungus or moss on and beneath the cedar shakes becomes inevitable. Since such extensions require moisture to survive and keep spreading the cedar will warp and rot over time if the condition continues existing.

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Recommended that homeowners with cedar shakes on their roofs treat them once every five years to restore the preservative. Not only does it improve the appearance of the roof but also prevents it from rotting and warping into an ugly. Our Cedar-Life division has the required treatment services. Hire our Vancouver roofing services.

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