The Cooper Roofing production team will get in touch.

what’s next?


We’ll get a good grasp of the problem so that we can provide the proper solution.


Getting the lay of the land on the ground, and on your roof, with photos and measurements.


Detailed scope of work, options, and timeline, presented to you for confidence and clarity..

if you’re like use and like to prepare,

here are some questions we’ll be asking you during your Needs Assessment:

  1. What type of roof do you currently have?
  2. Are you having any issues?
  3. Why do you want your roof fixed / replaced?
  4. Have you worked with a roofing company before?
  5. How was your experience?
  6. When would you like to have your roof replaced? Do you have a timeline?
  7. What’s important to you about the project?
  8. What are the steps you take when finalizing a project like this?
  9. When are you hoping to make a decision by?
  10. What’s you budget for the project?

meet our
team of roofers!

It’s important to know who is going to be up on your roof. Cooper Roofing is a collection of the most hardworking crews and organized production teams, here to give you confidence and peace of mind that you’re getting the top roofing service in Vancouver.