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Should I Install a New Shingle Roof Over My Existing Roof?

You may have heard that you don’t have to tear your old roof out. All you need is to put up new shingles over the existing one. But is this right and should you go ahead and heed this advice? In this post, you’ll learn when roofing your existing roof may be a good idea and instances when you should tear off your roof and start from scratch.

Getting new shingles installed over old ones can be a good idea if:

• Your old shingles are smooth and beautiful, providing an even surface for re-roofing
• You’re in a new building, and it’s up to code
• The boards and beams of the roof structure are in excellent condition and able to hold a nail.

Choosing to install new shingles over old shingles can be advantageous because:

Takes Less time- Unlike tearing off old shingles, installing new shingles over the existing ones saves you time and money spent on labor.

Inexpensive- You don’t have to spend money on removing your existing roofing. What’s more, you don’t need extra felt paper over your old roof.

Extra Protection- If your old rood is still in good shape, adding the layer to it can serve as protection especially if you live in areas prone to storms.

Durability- When done under the right conditions by a professional, installing new shingles over existing ones can ensure that your roof looks just as good, not to mention, last long.

Warranty- As long as a qualified installer does your roofing work, the manufacturer will still provide the same warranty for the same time as a re-roof.

While there are numerous benefits of installing new shingles over your existing roof, there are some cases when it’s not right.

Instances When Tearing off Your Old Roof is a Good Option

There are times when tearing off your old shingles before installing new shingles is a good idea. Here are some instances when this would be required.

Leaky Roof

If your roof is prone to leaks, it’s essential to get rid of old shingles to find out the source of the leak and have this fixed.


Although shingles may not seem to weigh much, you’ll be surprised to discover that to cover a 3000 sq. Foot, a roof can weigh in around 6000 pounds. This is a lot of weight. Check to see if the underlying structure of your roof can support an extra layer. If this is not possible, tearing off your old shingles would be a better option.

Layers of Shingles

Building codes allow up to 2 layers of any roofing in your home. If you already have two layers, you need to tear off the roof and get a new one installed.

Shingles are in Bad Shape

Curly shingles or those that appear to be in lousy shape need to be torn off before getting new shingles.

Deciding whether to install new shingles over your existing shingles can be complicated. If not sure, consult a Vancouver roofing professional at Cooperroofs who will check your roof’s condition and recommend the best option.

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