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What To Know About The Different Types Of Roofing Shingles

Quality shingles serve as a protective barrier to your property. They keep your home insulated and increase the value of your house. As such, it becomes vital to find out the different types of shingle options in order to pick an effective and affordable way to cover your house. While a reputable roofing company will let you know the available options for your home, it is best to get familiar with some of the popular types of roofing shingles.

Asphalt Shingles

Shingles made out of asphalt tend to be one of the most affordable and popular choices; common types include organic and fiberglass. They are available in a range of colors, sizes, and styles to choose from. Most of them meet the Energy Star Standards, which saves you a lot of money on energy bills each month.

The biggest downside of asphalt shingles is they don’t work well in areas with sudden climatic fluctuations. There are high chances that they might crack due to abrupt changes in weather conditions. Also, asphalt models are only suitable for a roof with a steep slope. If you live in an area with average climatic conditions and have steep roofing, then asphalts make the best choice.

Fiberglass shingles

Made out of a fiberglass base mat, fiberglass asphalt shingles come coated with a waterproof layer. They are light in weight and fire resistant. Compared to many other roofing materials, they are less expensive and suited to budget conscious people. Also, they give better protection against ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Since fiberglass is highly durable, these shingles last longer and come with a good warranty. The fiberglass is made of overlapping of wet fiberglass and using a urea-formaldehyde adhesive to bind it all together. The mat subsequently gets a coating of asphalt mixed with a range of mineral fillers to ensure waterproof shingles.

Organic shingles

Originally made from wood chips, recycled rags, cardboard, and paper; organic asphalt shingles are heavier than fiberglass. While they are relatively cheap, they do not last as long as the fiberglass counterparts. These shingles are more prone to moisture and not suitable for humid regions.

They are most suited to budget homeowners. As such, folks with a tight budget usually go for organic ones. If you do not live in areas prone to humidity, then Vancouver roofing service at Cooper Roofing makes the right choice.

Tile shingles

If you are looking for something stylish, then tiles make a perfect choice. Tile shingles could be molded in various forms and shapes to suit the varying needs of homeowners. Aside from these features, they come mostly in light colors, which keep them cool.

The most important benefit of these shingles is they have much higher durability. Once installed, you can enjoy their companionship till your life provided you give proper attention to their maintenance and repairs. However, the biggest downside is they come with a hefty price tag. Even the repairs and installation charges of a roofing company for tiles are higher. If budget is not an issue, then tiles are an ideal choice to cover your home.

Wood shingles

In case you are looking for something environmentally friendly, then wood makes an obvious choice. Available in hardwood and cedar, these shingles are durable enough to serve you for a long time. Also, they are energy efficient, which means you will save a lot of money on energy bills.

However, the biggest downside of wood is they catch fire quickly compared to their counterparts. Additionally, you may want to take preventive measures to keep the roofing from the ravages of mold and termites. While you can power wash for mold and mildew, you will have to spend money, again and again, to keep the roof in okay condition.

Slate shingles

They offer some of the best resistance to water and damages. Also, they are meant to last longer. It means you will not have to repurchase them in your life if you pay attention to proper upkeep and maintenance of the roofing.

The biggest downside is slate shingles come with a higher price tag. Aside from this, it is pretty expensive to repair them. Since the materials are pretty heavy, there are high chances of a personal injury if you try to mend repairs in a do it yourself manner.

Closing words

Regardless of the type of shingles you choose, be sure you install them with the help of a reliable roofing company, like us at Cooper Roofing Vancouver! Never attempt to install them in a do it yourself manner. Additionally, make sure your shingles are protected by a suitable warranty so that you can have them repaired without investing a single dime during the warranty period. If you assess the different types of shingles and hire a reputable company to install quality shingles, you will enjoy their services for years without any issue.

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