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How To Know When Your Vancouver Roof Needs To Be Replaced

Although a homeowner may have the highest quality roofs installed on their building, there will soon come a time that it will need to be replaced. Below are four signs shared by Cooper Roofing that homeowners should look out for as they warrant the need for the system to be replaced.

  1. Curling and buckling shingles

The shingles buckle and curl when they lose their protective granules. This often happens when they are past the end of their lifespan.

  1. Missing shingles

For few shingles that are not in place, they can quickly be repaired or replaced by a company that deals with the shingles. However, if the damage is widespread, it is better to replace the whole roof rather than repair in patches over time which tends to cost more. Also, the exposed spots make the roof vulnerable to being damaged by water.

  1. Ruined Flashings

Flashings protect the roof from water penetrating inside it.  The flashings are made up of metal and tar and are in the form of thin strips which are used along the valleys and chimney area where the roof is weakest. If the flashings are damaged in any way, the roof is at risk of damage as water can easily penetrate it.

  1. Daylight entering the attic

The worst sign of a damaged roof which should result in hiring roofing contractors Vancouver to repair it is when the attic has light peering through the roof. In such cases, water has already penetrated through the roof, making it feel spongy or have a trampoline bounce when someone walks on it.

For such cases, replacement should be done by expert qualified roofers immediately as the current roofing structure has lost its structural integrity.  To make sure your roof is in its best possible shape, contact the roofing experts at

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