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Five Most Common Shingle Repairs for Roofs

Some roofing problems are simply more common than others, and whether it’s from damage caused by extreme weather or just regular wear and tear, eventually most roofs will need some repairs. Our expert roofing contractors inspect roofs all over Delaware regularly and tend to come across the same issues. In all probability if you do experience roofing problems it is likely to be for one of the following five reasons:

Ice Dam, Hail or Wind Damage

Roofs generally can’t withstand weather extremes despite the fact that they are designed to withstand an average amount of battering from severe weather. Your roof may need to be replaced entirely if it has extensive weather damage, although usually, our experienced roofers can restore or repair individual shingles. Another standard issue is the wearing out of the seals around the vent pipes.

Leaking Skylights

Worn seals can cause your skylight to leak, as can having it not installed safely and correctly in the first place.

Chimney Flashing

Water is prevented from leaking into your roof by flashing, that metal strip between your roof and the chimney. Counter flashing and step flashing are both needed to prevent roofing from leaking. However, it is all too easy for water to leak into your attic and potentially damage your home or your belongings if wind or hail damages the flashing, causing it to peel away from the roof. Our contractors can assess the flashing on your roof for you.

Roof Valleys

Our experienced roofers have dealt with many cases in which the roof valleys become a collecting place for snow and ice as well as tree branches and leaves. By ensuring these valleys aren’t blocked, you can keep your roofing in great shape.

If you suspect your roof is damaged, call our roofing company in Vancouver or visit our website at
sooner rather than later – addressing any damage as soon as you notice it can prevent the damage from getting worse and can save you from having to pay for costly repairs in the future.

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