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Factors To Consider When Choosing Roofing Material For Your Home

There are numerous factors to think about when selecting the roofing material for your house. You have to consider several factors, out of which the geographical location is the most important. The weather and hardships your roof needs to endure is directly dependant on the location of your home. Here are four reasons you may want to select an Interlock Roof if you reside in the Northern part of British Columbia.

Different Roofing Material Factors

Cooling factor: You will be surprised to know that a metal roof can help you cut down on your cooling bills during the summer if you reside in an area that gets warm during the summer season. Interlock products are coated with Alomar, heat resistant and ultraviolet reflecting material to help combat the excessive heat. This coating reflects away heat, allowing less heat to enter your home.

Curbside appeal: Interlock products are manufactured from quality material and designed keeping longevity in mind, including aesthetic durability. Our customers often comment that their roof appears the same as it did on the day we installed it.

Heat resistant: The Interlock product contains a heat-resistant coating, both in sunlight and to fire. In the event a forest fire breaks out, a threat quite common in Northern BC, your home will not be as vulnerable to catching fire from airborne embers landing on your roof.

Quality assurance: Why should you consider an Interlock Roof if you stay in Northern BC? Interlock products are made in British Columbia. Apart from being locally produced in Delta B.C., the installers are trained in our British Columbia headquarters too. This, apart from allowing us a bit of quality control, also ensures that our installers leave our premises with the capability to perform top grade installations. By using an Interlock Roof, you support fellow Canadians. Depend on the roof made by Interlock to protect yourself and your home.

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