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How Commercial Roofing Is Affected By Faulty HVAC | Cooper Roofing Vancouver

Your Roof’s Integrity May be Compromised if You Have a Faulty HVAC Unit.

Plant and facility managers are typically responsible for a broad range of duties, and a top priority is keeping workers and customers comfortable when inside the building. Multiple HVAC units are found on the roofs of most commercial buildings, where they hum along nicely as they heat and cool the building’s interior. As you may have suspected, units of this type can successfully endure the elements, as they are built to run efficiently outside. However, commercial building owners should be aware of the possible risks associated with a faulty unit, and these risks include the potential for roof problems.

Mistakes Made by Technicians

Much can be said for human error, even though most consumers initially believe that the unit itself must be faulty if it is malfunctioning. However, if issues are not identified because a technician is not trained correctly, leaks or other significant problems may develop. A well-trained technician should complete routine maintenance on the unit and inspect it on a regular basis to determine if underlying issues are present. An improperly trained technician may make other mistakes that will ultimately lead to roof problems. These mistakes include damaging the roof by not using walkway pads. It is essential for technicians to walk appropriately when inspecting an HVAC unit, as leaks from punctures can occur otherwise. Fortunately, most commercial buildings have walkway pads that naturally lead a person to the area surrounding the HVAC unit.

The Effect of Pooling and Condensation

If water coagulates around the HVAC unit, it can result in the deterioration of the HVAC’s membrane, ultimately causing leaks and other problems. Units that are functioning well continuously vaporize water, allowing the latter to escape into the air. A unit that is not working correctly, however, may allow water to pool within the system. If this occurs, the unit’s discharge system may require maintenance or repair. It is also important for the owner of the building to keep interior and drainage lines clean and to flow so that moisture does not affect the roof.

Consequences of Faulty HVAC Unit Installation

There are serious consequences associated with improperly installed HVAC units. Certain building owners find that they must repair the same leaks multiple times, only to discover that the issue ultimately lies with the way the unit was initially installed. Unfortunately, it is only a matter of time until major repairs are needed if the unit was not correctly installed. When installing an HVAC system, it is wise to seek the advice from a reputable commercial roofing company in Vancouver to offer helpful tips before and during the installation. Keep in mind; a professional roofing company can provide expert advice about the dynamic between the HVAC unit and the roof itself.


HVAC unit issues are typically frustrating for most commercial building owners. Nevertheless, it is easy to solve or prevent such problems before serious repairs are necessary. Calling an experienced and skilled contractor to perform proper maintenance and repairs on a regular basis is the best way to prevent roof problems and ensure that the HVAC system functions appropriately for many future years.  So for help with HVAC issues on your roof, visit us today at for more information.

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