by | Feb 8, 2018

What Causes Most Of The Commercial Roofing Problem in Vancouver BC

In commercial buildings, the roofs play a critical role in protecting the whole building. It is thus essential to understand and identify some of the common issues affecting the roofs and getting roofers to repair them. Below are some of the main problems.

Leaks and excessive moisture

The issue affects both commercial and residential buildings. The leaks and moisture are often as a result of a flashing that was not properly fastened. The unfastened flashing allows water to penetrate into the roof resulting in the moisture buildup which increases the rate of the roofing degradation.

Blow-offs, billowing and tenting

The improperly installed flashings also result in laps and open seams on the roof. Furthermore, the roofs are less resistant to the wind thus resulting in blow-offs. Another common cause of low resistance to the wind is inadequate curing of the roof.

Poor installation

For any repairs, installation or replacements of your roofing system, it is important to only get the services from a highly reputable Vancouver roofing company. If the task is done by quacks, then the roof will have more issues in future or require premature replacement which is costly.

Lack of maintenance

It is crucial to find roof contractors who will take care of your roof on a regular basis like we can at The experts should check up on the system regularly to identify any issues before they escalate. Identifying issues with the roof while they are still minor is vital in preventing further damage to the roof and lengthening its lifespan.

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