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Do you need a new roof for your home? Did you know that your roof in one of the most important parts of your house? It protects your family and your belongings from whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at you – rain, snow, hail or shine. Your roof is a major part of what […]

How to Add Years of Life to Your Roof and Save Money

Being from the west coast, we are blessed with beautiful snow capped mountains and lush green forests all around. On the other side of the spectrum, you can probably count the number of days it’s not raining with one hand in the winter season. We have been dubbed the “wet coast” and become accustomed to […]

Why Hire A Premium Roofing Company?

This project is not your everyday roof. Most roofing companies would shy away from something this difficult or take on the job without the expertise. The slope is extremely steep There are many sections and the roof is cut up Luxury shingles are installed (CertainTeed Landmark TL – 25% heavier than the standard shingle) Two […]