Your Complete Guide To Maintaining An Asphalt Shingle Roof | Cooper Roofing Vancouver

Replacing a roof is a significant investment and will be a big construction project. The roofer will help the homeowner protect their new roof or existing roof by providing maintenance services on a regular basis. This can ensure that the roof is getting the proper protection. Some roofing maintenance tips will help make sure that […]

How To Temporarily Repair A Leaking Roof | Cooper Roofing Vancouver

Repairing a roof under these circumstances can be difficult and dangerous if the roof is leaking currently or there is an approaching storm. Saving this problem for later can be done right now if one stops the water flow. Caution; before starting any repairs or maintenance, you should read safety information. Especially when it is […]

How To Reduce Your Metal Roofs Noise

Metal roofs are very popular. However, a lot of people are understandably worried about metal roof noise. The best metal roofs are fully capable of lasting for an astonishing fifty years. People will also save on their repair and maintenance costs when they decide to go with metal roofs rather than shingled roofs. There is […]