What Causes Most Of The Commercial Roofing Problem in Vancouver BC

  In commercial buildings, the roofs play a critical role in protecting the whole building. It is thus essential to understand and identify some of the common issues affecting the roofs and getting roofers to repair them. Below are some of the main problems. Leaks and excessive moisture The issue affects both commercial and residential […]

How Commercial Roofing Is Affected By Faulty HVAC | Cooper Roofing Vancouver

Your Roof’s Integrity May be Compromised if You Have a Faulty HVAC Unit. Plant and facility managers are typically responsible for a broad range of duties, and a top priority is keeping workers and customers comfortable when inside the building. Multiple HVAC units are found on the roofs of most commercial buildings, where they hum […]

3 Common Winter Roofing Problems To Watch Out For | Cooper Roofing Vancouver

Winter weather can be very hard on your roof. This is especially true if you live on the East Coast in places like New England, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. If you don’t pay attention, several roofing issues can creep up on you. Without the necessary immediate care, these small problems can lead to significant, very costly […]