Fireworks in Vancouver

Beat the crowd and see which new restaurants to check out. Try these new restaurants opening in 2017 by Cooper Roofs. We can’t wait ’til these up and comers to hit the food market in Vancouver.


This authentic Lebanese restaurant arrived three years ago on Commercial Drive. They will open a second location in Granville this year! Their hummus dip is a must-try featuring one original flavor and two seasonal flavors. Jamjar believes in “fresh, home-grown cuisine, free of preservatives.” according to Cooper Roofs.

Joe’s Pizza/ Gastown

We are excited to introduce a new pizza place. Joe’s Pizza is coming soon to Gastown. You can buy mouthwatering pizza by the slice. This restaurant comes from the crew behind Kitchen table restaurants, which include Luigi, Pizza Farina, and Pourhouse, so we know Joe’s Pizza will be fantastic. We don’t play around here at Cooper Roofs!

St Lawrence/269 Powell St.

Also from the Co-Owners of Luigi, Pizza Farina, and Pourhouse, St. Lawrence is a highly anticipated newcomer. Chef J.C Poirer is opening this delight in Railtown with classic French-inspired cuisine. Along with fantastic craft beers is a mixture of French and Quebec cuisine and an atmosphere that is somewhere between France and Canada.


For those who love Taiwanese cuisine, Rhinofish is coming to Chinatown. Chef David Wu had experience in everything from Italian to Japanese cooking but has come to honor his heritage with Taiwanese beef noodle soup and many other dishes. Taiwanese chicken nuggets and mushroom dishes also get rave reviews.

Tasty bass and cod

Nemesis Coffee

Coffee Lovers Rejoice! Nemesis Coffee is coming to Gastown. Their objective is to have distinguished Chefs and Baristas join to push the limits of coffee. They offer great coffee blends from Seattle like five-elephant, along with breakfast and lunch, and a selection of baked goods.

Vegan Co./ 250 E. Pender St. Vancouver B.C.

For vegetarians, this market is a dream. It offers an immense array of goods, like non-dairy cheese, (Miyoko’sKite Hill, Vtopian, Pulse, Etc.) They offer meatless meats, dairy-free milk, desserts, frozen foods and so much more. Their E-store allows you to buy online and pick up at one of their locations on Main or in Gastown, or have it delivered.

The Juice-Truck

Canada’s juice kings, Zach Berman and Ryan Slater, have opened their second. Brick and mortar location in Yaletown. They have the best salads, smoothies, juices, and desserts in the ‘hood. The Burrito Bowl, the Green Smoothie, and the Peanut Butter Fudge are favorites. Stay tuned; their dairy-free soft serve is coming soon!

Interior design of a restaurant

Article courtesy of Cooper Roofs