metal domed roof

There are many things to consider when looking to get metal roofing. This article discusses what you need to know, how to hire a metal roofing contractor as well as benefits of the various types of metal roof materials.

Metal roofing has increased in popularity over the last decade according to the National Roofing Contractors Association. This is a good indication that homeowners and builders alike are discovering the product’s benefits.

Great advancement from the corrugated ‘in’ barn roofs, metal roofing, has become a new trend on the market. During the last twenty years, in particular, a new genre of metal roofing has emerged. Responding to the need for durable, fire-resistant lightweight roofing, metal roofs have become the high-tech alternative that looks good on homes.

The appeal of Vancouver torch-on roofing, metal roofing comes from its fire-resistant qualities, longevity and ease and speed of installation. When it comes time to decide, some concrete contractors specialise in this who can inform you of all the benefits. These roofs are lightweight and also excellent at reflecting away the sun to keep the house cool. This is appreciated by homeowners when they save on energy bills and can qualify for tax credits.

The majority of roofing metals are made up of aluminium and steel. Sometimes copper and alloys can be used, but these are more expensive compared to steel and aluminium which are the more economical and sensible choices because they are durable and can hold paint finishes (such as when steel is galvanised) better. Aluminium is more expensive and softer and can dent or damage quickly, however, it will not corrode the way steel does.

A modern metal facade

Choosing A Look

The first thing to do when selecting a metal roof is to decide what look you are trying to achieve. The two necessary forms for residential roofing are different in their appearance. You can get either sheet like panels or shingles, and within each of these broad categories, there are different variants, colours and patterns.

The most shared and recognised model is a panel style; the standing-seam roofing. There are distinctively raised ribs every 6 or 12 inches, and it is applied in a vertical orientation. This style has a commercial look to it and is favoured y architects because of its simple, clean and contemporary appearance. When it used for homes, it can be placed on any abode from a mountain cabin to a modern marvel. It would look out of place in a colonial style home, so it is important to evaluate your look first.

Shingle style roofing is different because the metal is formed into shapes that mimic Spanish tiles or slate. They are usually given multiple layer factory finishes, some of which are granulated stone top coats, which create a realistic effect.

Modern metal roof being constructed

Given the rising popularity of metal roofing, it is worth looking into and speaking to professionals. With its many benefits and unique style and appeal, it may be just what your home always needed when exploring Vancouver roof repair options.

Article written by the Vancouver Roofing and Vancouver metal roofing experts at Cooper Roofs