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Three Drainage Solutions For Flat Roofs in Vancouver

Having adequate drainage for both snow and rain is vital on the flat roofs that are popular all over Canada. Water can quickly collect in pools on the roof if the drainage isn’t adequate, and this can lead to damaging leaks, damage to the roof membrane and the formation of ice during the colder months. […]

What Causes Most Of The Commercial Roofing Problem in Vancouver BC

  In commercial buildings, the roofs play a critical role in protecting the whole building. It is thus essential to understand and identify some of the common issues affecting the roofs and getting roofers to repair them. Below are some of the main problems. Leaks and excessive moisture The issue affects both commercial and residential […]

How To Know When Your Vancouver Roof Needs To Be Replaced

Although a homeowner may have the highest quality roofs installed on their building, there will soon come a time that it will need to be replaced. Below are four signs shared by Cooper Roofing that homeowners should look out for as they warrant the need for the system to be replaced.   Curling and buckling […]

What To Know About The Different Types Of Roofing Shingles

Quality shingles serve as a protective barrier to your property. They keep your home insulated and increase the value of your house. As such, it becomes vital to find out the different types of shingle options in order to pick an effective and affordable way to cover your house. While a reputable roofing company will […]