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Cooper Roofing – The Vancouver Roofing Guru

Thanks to the internet, we now can access information efficiently than ever before. It has also made life easier for our customers to understand about their roofing. Professional Roofers have the expertise and knowledge to reinforce, replace, and repair the most vital part of your home’s defense against the elements. It brings great peace of […]

Why Metal Roofing Isn’t As Loud As You Think

Let’s do away with this myth from the very outset: Metal roofing isn’t any louder than traditional shingle roofing. I know exactly what you’re thinking – it’s a crisp, cool day in the fall. The clouds are beginning to roll in, and the wind is starting to pick up speed. You’ve just raked up of […]

Why Metal Roofs Last Much Longer Than Their Asphalt Counterparts

Durability is unarguably one of the most significant advantages of a metal roof. Nothing can beat a steel roof for longevity. How come metal roofing last so long? Surveys published by both MetalConstruction.org and Buildings.com, apart from showing the durability of existing metal roofs, provide cost comparisons too. Age Vs. Cost The typical metal roof […]

The Most Common Problems With Metal Roofing Addressed

When constructing a house or replacing a roof, you will need to consider what sort of roof you will have. If you decide to go with a metal roof, you should be aware that specific challenges are inherent with these types of roofs. Below are some of the most common problems that metal roofs have […]

Necessary Tips for Vancouverites Searching For Roofing Contractors

  Finding competitive and skilled roofing contractors While looking for contractors, take your time to carefully analyze and vet the roofers as the future of your house roofing depends on it. Keep in mind to hire professional roofers who will do the task to perfection or with minimum faults and ensure excellent results on time. While looking […]

Does Reflective Roofing Make Sense In Canada?

The Advantages Of Reflective Roofing For Canadian Buildings The advances that are being made in technology are changing the way that buildings are remodeled or constructed. The same is true with the roof of the building. More and more builders are using a reflective coating on roofs because this coating can protect the building from […]

Best Practices To Keep Your Vancouver Roof In Good Shape

High quality work, the best products, and superb customer service have all helped to make Cooper Roofing Services the area’s leading roofing company. Keeping your roof in good shape all through the year can help you to get the most out of this critical part of your house and recoup the money you have put […]

How To Identify Leak Prone Areas In Your Roof

When diagnosing the cause of leakage on our roofs, it helps to know that some parts are more susceptible to damage than others.  In this piece, Cooper roofing contractors company guides readers on how to identify the areas on your roof that are most prone to leakage. Roof valleys The point where two portions of […]

Five Most Common Shingle Repairs for Roofs

Some roofing problems are simply more common than others, and whether it’s from damage caused by extreme weather or just regular wear and tear, eventually most roofs will need some repairs. Our expert roofing contractors inspect roofs all over Delaware regularly and tend to come across the same issues. In all probability if you do […]