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Cooper Roofing is a collection of the most hardworking crews and organized production teams, here to give you confidence and peace of mind that you’re getting the top roofing service in Vancouver.

We stand for exceptional service, which means we take the time to get to know you and what’s important to you, so that we can deliver quality, timely work while being respectful and professional on-site.

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Meet the front lines

Shane Cooper

shane cooper


At the young age of 15, Shane got his first taste of roofing work when he helped his friends on a summer project. It was the hardest work he’d ever done. And he loved the feeling of working hard and seeing the final product come to fruition. Working as a roofer on and off for years, his passion for the industry continued to grow — to the point where he saw countless opportunities to improve it. Thus, Shane was drawn to the entrepreneurial path and driven to start his own Vancouver roofing company where he could improve the way roofers conduct business and care for clients.​

(Actually, *drawn back* to the entrepreneurial path. Shane started his own consumer electronics company when he was 17 and even had an eBay store!)

As Cooper Roofing’s team leader, Shane focuses on efficiency, operations, and productivity of his teams and the overall organization to ensure that clients get a seamless, unshakeable roofing experience. He is often working on growing and developing the business, and recruiting the best roofers in town, but when he can, he makes sure to visit clients on-site.

For Shane, being “unshakeable” means he can’t stop, won’t stop. It’s not about the transaction, it’s about trust — and making a positive difference in people’s lives.

Outside of work, you can find Shane mountain biking, playing hockey, backpacking third world countries, searching for the best surf spot, sipping a beer on the patio with friends, reading, camping, golfing, and playing spikeball at the beach.

Harneet Randhawa

harneet randhawa

production manager

Harneet manages the production phase on projects, from start to end. He got his start in the labour industry, working his way up to being the Manager of a drywall and painting company, before venturing into the roofing business.

Every day he works towards giving clients an unshakeable experience by putting himself into the client’s shoes. “If it were me making this investment, what would I want to see from my team?” Constantly thinking about you and your needs, and wanting to affirm that you’ve made the right choice, is how Harneet delivers an unparalleled level of service.

What Harneet loves most about his job is that no matter the challenge, the Cooper Roofing team is always there to support him, like family. It makes the work feel easy! With his team behind him, he approaches challenges and obstacles with no fear.

Outside of work, you’ll find Harneet at the gym, playing soccer, or spending time with friends. It may take a minute for Harneet to break out of his cool, calm, and collected shell, but when he does, you’ll definitely have a laugh or two!

Portrait of Francisco Difede, Project Manager at Cooper Roofing

francisco difede

project manager

My construction industry journey started in 2007 as a general contractor and inspector, and now I bring that experience to my role at Cooper Roofing since 2021.

Being “unshakeable” means being reliable, and staying calm, and focused, even when surprises pop up. My previous experiences in construction have given me adaptable skills that help me excel in this company. I’m motivated by solving problems and learning, and the team here makes it easier with their diverse perspectives. It’s important to me that clients feel valued. Honesty, integrity, continuous improvement, and respect are the values that guide my interactions with customers and colleagues.

Finding work-life balance is an ongoing challenge I manage through careful prioritization, but the satisfaction of helping clients makes it worthwhile.

Outside of work, I’m a runner, a cook, and an avid traveler.

Sebastian Woolf, Project Advisor at Cooper Roofing, Vancouver

sebastian woolf

project advisor

My path began leading a commercial roofing company across Saskatchewan and Alberta for 12 years. Relocated to B.C., I sought a reputable Vancouver company, leading me to join Cooper Roofing.

Having unwavering confidence in our products and services gives me an “unshakeable” presence with clients. My experience as a university instructor made me a skilled communicator, which is vital in this role. I thrive on learning to serve clients better, knowing I can always count on the team’s support when needed.

My approach is all about listening, offering tailored solutions, and maintaining professionalism throughout the customers experience. I believe genuine care, personalized service, and transparency are what elevate us beyond mere transactions. Honesty, integrity, continuous improvement, and respect drive everything I do with customers and colleagues alike. Receiving client praise for my professionalism motivates me.

Off the clock, I stay active with tennis, swimming, motorcycles, workouts, and outdoor adventures like biking, hiking, camping, and fishing. For calmer moments, I relax with books, personal development, and movies.

Nichol Viral, Estimator at Cooper Roofing, analyzing roofing plans

nichol viral


As an estimator, being “unshakeable” means having confidence in my process, as every roof is unique and requires adaptability to ensure accurate pricing.

My previous KPI Manager role taught me valuable analysis skills, helping me factor in all elements of a roofing estimate. My team also supports me with feedback and tips, helping me grow.

Challenges motivate my perfectionist nature; mistakes are learning opportunities for improvement. I prioritize providing accurate pricing, transparent communication, and continued growth, aiming for satisfied clients and closed contracts – a true win for Cooper Roofing and myself! As my work aligns with my personal interest in learning the industry, I find a fulfilling balance that fuels my ambitions.

While I used to be an active volleyball player, I now enjoy creative downtime with paint-by-number, audiobooks, and watching anime and Netflix.

Brian Steen, experienced Service Technician at Cooper Roofing

brian steen

service technician

I come from a hard-working background – sanding floors at 14, and construction labor in Saskatchewan winters by 18. By 30, I was the contractor, eventually earning every building trade endorsement in Toronto. A lull in work led me to roofing 25 years ago, and I’ve kept my gaze on the rooftops ever since. There’s very little in the industry that I haven’t experienced before.

I excel in client interactions, displaying a passion for deal-making, and delivering exceptional results. My problem-solving skills play a crucial role in contributing to the growth of Cooper Roofing and ensuring the satisfaction of our customers.

Outside of work, I enjoy delving into philosophy, mastering Jeopardy, and satisfying my sushi cravings. Finding pleasure in creative expression through origami and embracing mental challenges like puzzle-solving are integral aspects of my identity as a troubleshooting roofer. On pleasant days, you’ll find me cruising on extended motorcycle rides.

Jeannette, Office Manager at Cooper Roofing, coordinating office tasks


office manager

After COVID, I was looking for a change of pace, and a friend in the construction industry suggested I take a look in the trades. Turns out, it’s a great fit! Staying focused is key for me – it’s how I make sure that both my clients and my coworkers get what they need.

I’m passionate about helping people, and I’ve realized that skill translates across different industries. For me, a happy client means I take the time to listen and show that I genuinely care. I avoid treating anyone like a number and always aim to treat our clients the way I’d want to be treated. It’s fulfilling to help someone, and I find it incredibly rewarding to make a positive impact.

Whenever I need a little extra help, I can always rely on our team to get me the right info. This team is amazing – we support each other, and trust each other, and it makes us all stronger.

I believe strongly in work-life balance – you need time for both to truly be successful. Oh, and if you didn’t guess already, I love a good adventure! When I’m not at work, you’ll probably find me cycling, hiking, hitting the gym, or off on some adventure with friends.

Veronica Tan, Social Media Specialist at Cooper Roofing, strategizing content

veronica tan

social media specialist

Over the last 8 years, my passion and expertise in marketing and social media have driven me to pivot towards the roofing industry, where I’ve honed my skills and actively pursue professional growth.

When work gets intense, I stay “unshakeable,” revising things quickly even under pressure. I’m still mastering all the different roofing types, but my team’s support has been incredible. Seeing positive results from my work, hitting those goals, and working closely with Shane through regular coaching sessions keeps me motivated.

Finding that perfect balance between work and family is important to me – I dedicate weekends to loved ones! And if you ever need someone to chat with, I’m your person – I’m very talkative and friendly!

Outside of work, you’ll find me in the kitchen baking and cooking with my children.

Peng Chen

peng chen


Peng is the Bookkeeper at Cooper Roofing, supporting the financial operations of the company. He personally loves seeing technology and finance come together! Peng’s expertise has made the back-end process of Cooper Roofing’s projects seamless, especially when it comes to the company’s financing and flexible payment options. His hope is that these features contribute to delivering an unshakeable experience for clients. The difference that he wants to make is to help Cooper Roofing be a “smooth operator” and position the company for long-term growth.

Peng graduated with an Accounting Degree from the University of Manitoba. He’s a bookworm! You’ll often find Peng with his head buried in books, reading up on a variety of topics. The one thing he loves more than reading… pizza!

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We know that great customer experiences come from great teams. So we are looking for roofers in Vancouver who want to be a part of something great.

What is it like to be a part of the Cooper Roofing team? In every relationship we build, mutual respect is at the centre. We need each other to rise up in order to deliver unshakeable roofing experiences to our clients. No matter what your role is on the crew, everyone’s contributions are equally important and valued.

We are a growing company — if you think Cooper Roofing is the right fit for you, we want to hear from you!

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